| The Ankara Dress You Can Wear To Every Occasion |

Have you ever been to a wedding and just when it was time for them to serve your section food, gbam! the food got finished?

Nigerians will say its because your village people are following you.. 😂😂

The good news is, today, I have the perfect dress guaranteed to make the waiters rush to serve you first and treat you like the presidents child.. Because trust me, you would look like royalty..😉

Its an Ankara dress.. Here it is:

Five Reasons Why You Need It?

1. It can serve as a gown..

2.It can also serve as a blouse..

All you have to do is button it halfway down till it gets to your tummy..

Next, pair it with cute trousers and nice sneakers.. And viola, you’re good to go😘

3. You can wear it with heels to a wedding party, or a religious event..

4. You can also wear it with sneakers to visit your family and friends..

5. With a nice cowboy hat, you can even wear it to the beach..

Do not limit yourself to this though, there are lots of other ways to style this gown.. So feel free to create new looks when you eventually get this gown because it really is a must have for every lady…

You can choose to get a tailor to sew it for you or you can buy it ready made.. I personally prefer that you get a tailor so it can fit you just perfectly..


Outfit Details

  • Gown- My tailor sewed it😉
  • Bag- Thrifted
  • Heels- Mums Closet
  • White Sneakers- Thrifted for NGN 2,500
  • Sunglasses- Bought at Port Harcourt Shopping Mall

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By the way, I’m sure you have either gone on a date before or you hope to go on a date sometime in the future..

So, would you love to know some secrets to leaving a long lasting impression on your date?.. Then my next post is for you.. To read all about the top secrets to having the perfect date evening, please click HERE


Wherever you are in this beautiful world🌎, I wish you an amazing day..



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61 thoughts on “| The Ankara Dress You Can Wear To Every Occasion |”

  1. Your work is wonderful dear 💯 The presentation, choice of words and the added humor, everything is in it’s right proportion. Please keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow.. Talk to me my mama.. Bae I Hrt dis pix!!!! She is a Queen of my Hrt. Ur beauty is true… No one Hrt u like me! & no one will ever be like u..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice one by Tinu. Though I am not a fashion minded person but what I love most was the simplicity of the Ankara outfit. Nevertheless, it seems to fit tall and slim- fitted ladies. Soon, I will get one for myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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