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Helo, my name is Tinu and I’m a Fashion consultant.. I’m also a Lifestyle Blogger.. Please click here to find out more about me..

| How To Look Stylish In A Big Shirt|

My sincere apologies for not posting anything new for the past two weeks. I was a tad sick, nothing I hate more than feeling weak, bitter mouth and constant headache arghhh!!.. But thank God that’s over now..   So today’s article is on how to style a BIG shirt or blouse.. Why You Should Join…

| Confidently Beautiful |

This is a true story that happened to me.. Believe me, if you read this post, it will completely change your perspective of beauty..

| The Back To School Look |

Are you a student on a budget who still wants to look stylish for school?.. Then today’s post will help you bring your A-game on.. To get started click here..

| Highlights Of My Week |

My week has been amazingly fabulous.. So join me as I give you the full gist and gossip.. Lol.. Click here to read..

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Great News😊.. TinuTrends now has 200+ follows.. Yes, we did it together so click here to join in the celebration😉


OMG!!… I just received the Liebster Award and I’m Super Excited Plus Super Grateful.. To read more about it, please click here..

Stylish New Ways You Can Rock Sneakers

Are you tired of always combining your sneakers with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt..Then click here to learn several new ways you can rock sneakers..