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Helo, my name is Tinu and I’m a Fashion consultant.. I’m also a Lifestyle Blogger.. Please click here to find out more about me..

| How To Look Stylish In A Big Shirt|

My sincere apologies for not posting anything new for the past two weeks. I was a tad sick, nothing I hate more than feeling weak, bitter mouth and constant headache arghhh!!.. But thank God that’s over now..   So today’s article is on how to style a BIG shirt or blouse.. Why You Should Join…

| Confidently Beautiful |

This is a true story that happened to me.. Believe me, if you read this post, it will completely change your perspective of beauty..

| The Back To School Look |

Are you a student on a budget who still wants to look stylish for school?.. Then today’s post will help you bring your A-game on.. To get started click here..

| Highlights Of My Week |

My week has been amazingly fabulous.. So join me as I give you the full gist and gossip.. Lol.. Click here to read..

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Great News😊.. TinuTrends now has 200+ follows.. Yes, we did it together so click here to join in the celebration😉