| Top Secrets To Having The Best Date Evening Ever |

Imagine yourself chilling in a beautiful environment with superb air-conditioning and lovely music 🎶..

Then the waiter comes and serves you delicious wine🍷 along with your favourite meal..

And the best part is you are with your favourite person in the world 😍..

Nice imagination right? Lol.. Who no like better thing? 😉

That, my dear is what we call a date.. It could be with yourself, your bestie, your squad of friends, your crush etc.

So, here are some tips to make your date unforgettable!


1. Plan

Plan what you are gonna wear in advance.. This is my number 1 rule for both ladies and guys..

It saves a whole lot of time plus you are able to come up with the best outfits.. So please don’t be a last minute person like me.. #smiles




2. Be Yourself

Be you.. Please don’t do what we Nigerians call forming..

Just be yourself , be natural and have fun..



3. Keep To Time

Don’t arrive too early otherwise you would definitely get bored waiting..

But don’t also arrive too late otherwise you will upset your date partner and trust me it won’t be nice..



4. Look Good

Whether youre a guy or lady, you need to look your best.. Wear lovely clothes and shoes and feel free to also accessorize..

You can wear shades or a simple wrist watch etc.. Just spice up your look..




5. Makeup

For the ladies do not apply too much makeup.. Just try to be moderate..

And don’t also wear revealing clothing.. Trust me, it gives a terrible impression.. 




6. Your Manners

Okay food time is my favourite time.. But no matter how hungry you are, please don’t eat too fast..

Eat slowly with your mouth closed.. Even if you’re a foodie like me *winks.. Just try to pretend.. Lol


7. Back Up Plan

If you love heels like me then make sure you carry a pair of flat slippers because I mean its fun to wear heels until you get muscle pull.. lol.

So always have a back up plan.. And if you can’t manage heels, then feel free to wear sneakers or flats..

8. Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

And finally, please have a spare umbrella just in case the weather decides to get all rainy..

Don’t say I dint tell you because the weather is totally unpredictable especially in Nigeria..



My Outfit Details

Top – from the famous Mile 1 market

Skirt – Collectibles boutique PH

Heels – Collectibles boutique PH

Shades – RSU main gate line of shops..


This is all from me on today’s episode.. I wish you a superb outing/date..


By the way, I’m guessing that while you’re reading this article, you are either pregnant OR hoping to get married and get pregnant sometime in the future..

If you fall into any of these two categories above.. Then my next post is totally for you.. Its on fabulous styles every Lady should rock especially when she gets pregnant.. To check out the gorgeous styles, simply click HERE


Lots of ❤



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47 thoughts on “| Top Secrets To Having The Best Date Evening Ever |”

  1. I love the lace details on your blouse! I think if you’re on a date with food it’s also important to wear something that you can be comfortable in sitting down at a table. Some clothes just don’t work well for sitting, for both men and women. For example, the wrong pair of shorts, or skirt that’s too short, or trousers that can ride up over and over no matter how many times you readjust them (with stealth, of course).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nice one Tinu. I am not an outing type, may b u have to teach me. Nevertheless, ur post was very educative especially for guys like me. soon I will take a beautiful Lady like u on a date and put apply what u have said. can’t wait to see ur next post. love u dee.

    Liked by 1 person

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