6 Easy Laws On How You Can Create The Most Stylish Outfits..

Do you ever wonder why a lot of celebrities hire personal stylists and personal shoppers?..

Well, its simple.. Its because they know style isn’t all about how expensive your attire is.. Its about combining the right items..

So, here are 6 laws of creating the most stylish outfits:

1. Select Clothes that flatter you

This is very important because the beauty of an attire is in how it fits..

That’s why you can see a dress on one lady and totally fall in love with it.. Yet you’ld see that same dress on another lady and hate it..

Its all in the fitting dear😉..


2. Bags

They are my favorite.. Big or small.. It doesn’t matter, just make sure its chic..


3.Nice Pair Of Shoes

This doesn’t need any introduction.. Shoes are the bomb!..


4. Sunglasses

This will tush up your appearance.. And the best part is sunglasses never go out of trend.. In the next 10 years you can still be using them..


5. Bracelets n Wristwatches

They are decorative, they are simple and yet they add beauty to your wrists… 3 in 1.. Lol


6. Never forget the little details

Yes, never forget those little things you consider minor..


  • Your nails.. Ladies unkept nails are a big turn off.. They’d make people run far far away..
  • Your hair.. It should be neat and well styled..
  • And lastly, dont forget a touch of make up..

Ce fini! You have the perfect look..💋


My next post is on several new ways you can rock sneakers and look dope.. To check them out, please click HERE


Till next time,

Lots of ❤



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