8 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Hair Journey Now!!!..

Have you ever dreamt of having beautiful, full, long hair that would touch your waist so that as you walked on the road, everyone would stare it and admire you?..

Well, if you have, then you like shakara a lot o.. Lol..

But what if I actually told you that your dream of growing waist lenght hair can actually become a reality, would you believe me?

I know your answer is “No!!!” but the truth is a lot of African women have proven that African hair can actually grow long and full..

Please check out a few of them:

The lady above is Lade.. She’s fully Nigerian and she has waist long hair.


But natural hair ladies are not left out, they too can also have full hair such as these ladies below:

Meet Cypriana Quann and Tk Wonder

In case you’re wondering if they are twins.. Yes they are and they are both natural..


So you see, black women are now growing long and healthy hair.. You too can do the same by starting your own hair journey today..

However, apart from growing long hair, starting a hair journey will also ensure that ;

  1. Your hair will have Less Breakage.
  2. You will Feel Confident About Your Hair.
  3. You will No Longer Suffer From Chronically Dry Hair.
  4. Your hair will be Fuller and Thicker.
  5. Your hair will also be Healthier.
  6. You will grow Fuller Edges.
  7. Your hair will be more Manageable and Easier to Style.
  8. You will experience little to no split ends.

Having seen all these benefits, I hope you are now eager to start your hair journey?

In subsequent posts, I will share some healthy hair tips to guide your journey so stay tuned.

However, in the mean time, there’s a hairstyle that’s making people look younger.. Can you guess it?

Well, its Ghana Weaving Rebranded!.. Yes, weaving is back and this time its better, classier and the best part is its available in different patterns.


Wanna check the styles out.. Please click HERE

Lots of ❤



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  1. Beautiful list of reasons and most wonderful examples

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    1. iamtinu says:

      Thanks dear.. I’m glad you benefited😘😘


  2. I’m loving this. Great list. Puts things in perspective for my own hair and journey. 💖


    1. iamtinu says:

      Thanks Hun.. I’m glad


  3. Molly says:

    Great post! xx

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    1. iamtinu says:

      Thank you so much😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Molly says:

        You’re welcome xx

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