My African Look

Youths of now a days.. We hardly wear native attires o.. *winks..

Well if you are guilty, don’t feel bad because I’m also guilty of this too.. Lol.

But a few months ago I made up my mind to start wearing some traditional attires.. So when I attended my next event, I did..

Here are some pictures:

The name of the attire is Iro and Buba.. Its a Nigerian attire worn popularly by the Yoruba’s.. Iro is d wrapper and Buba is the blouse..

Its beautiful, don’t you agree?.. And my mum was also inspired to go rock native on that day too and she looked gorgeous..


Then, there was another occassion when I had this really beautiful native wrapper but no native blouse to go with it, all I had was a matching head tie.. So guess what I did?

I rocked it with a pure black blouse..

Chic right?.. Hope your inspired to try it?..


By the way, did you know that native dressing is not restricted to just Africans.. Anyone can wear it. I came across this dope picture and I loved it.. Check it out

Yes, both white and black folks can dress in native..

I hope you’re inspired to rock some native attires now because truly native attires are stylish and beautiful..

Where are you from and what’s the name of your native attire?.. Please share in the comment section..


Meanwhile, my next post is about several ways to style hair for both natural and relaxed hair ladies.. I assure you that you would definitely love the styles so check them out by clicking HERE

Lots of ❤



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